Just Moved Houses

After PKK today, I came home, tired, drenching in sweat (like all of us here in the Philippines), with a tongue stuck out pleading for water. The temperature today really soared, or maybe it was just me, still not accustomed to the super warm temperature of the Philippines.

On Moving Houses

Today, might not seem to be the best day to move houses, well, for me it is, because, anyway, it’s online. Today, I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress upon the suggestion of my friend, Dodie (who everyone knows is a really great techie person). I personally chose to move to WordPress for a simple reason, that is, to try something new and ultimately, to see if I’ll survive.

On the Neighborhood

I’ve seen the blogs of many other people here in WordPress, and as early as now, I am completely ASTOUNDED. I’ve read the blog of a Filipino Capampangan, and well, from his site, I think I can draw a lot of inspiration. He wrote in the way I think a true Filipino should, as my Editor-in-Chief in my school’s official school paper would say:

Ilabas ang baho kung kailangan; saka rin ilabas ang mabango kung meron.
(Release the smell if needed; release the fragrance, also, if there is any.)

From the articles I’ve read in his site, I’ve seen the true heroism in the Filipino nowadays, something, I admit, I haven’t reached.

On WordPress’s Services

I think, this is also another reason why I want to stay here in WordPress, it’s that, meeting Filipinos is just a click away. I have a feeling, just typing jeepney in the search bar will shed out numerous results, and the good thing about this is that even if a person does not own an account here in WordPress, he or she can still comment, an advantage a lot of other blog sites don’t have.

An added plus on WordPress is its capability to make blogs through e-mails. As a China Fanatic myself, I often go to China to study and tour, and a major problem I have is updating my blogs. For the past few years, when I went abroad, I had  to wait for the day I return to the Philippines before I could blog, now, blogging gets easier. In fact, it’s just a click away!

On a Bright Future

I really expect to work with WordPress for all my life. In fact, I hope that from this day on, I can leave a short blog every so often to keep the spirit of writing alive.

After twitching with my laptop for the whole afternoon, I think it is now time for me to go and rest. See you next time!

2 Responses to “Just Moved Houses”
  1. dmartinng says:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying WordPress. 😀

  2. Pwee says:

    Yup. First comment! Hehe. Thanks.

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